Return to Elcogas Power Plant

15 December, 2013

We have re-started our activity with Elcogas.

Zeus Control engineer Alberto Guerras was relocated to the Elcogas (Power) Plant in Puertollano on 11th November for a few months to participate in control system maintenance.

Elcogas processes and work atmosphere are very appealing. It is a real pleasure be back with this company.

Elcogas processes are especially interesting to technicians specialized in energy transformation, as is the case with the engineers in Zeus Control Energy Department.

The Elcogas Power Plant in Puertollano uses IGCC (Integrated Gasification in Combined Cycle). The process starts by gasifying coal, generating an electrical output of 335 MW.

The experimental CO2 Capture Plant, in which Zeus Control participated in 2009-2010 as a control system specialist, is also of great interest.

We hope Alberto Guerras will meet Elcogas high expectations.