Carrera de las Empresas

28 December, 2013
12. Carrera de las Empresas (614x407)

The 15th Carrera de las Empresas (Company Race) was held in Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid on 15th December. On this occasion there was a 6 Km circuit and a 10 Km circuit. Attendance was very high, with more than 8.800 runners from 2.700 different companies.

Zeus Control participated with 3 teams: a mixed 2 runner team, a male 2 runner team and a male 3 runner team. The results were:

  • The mixed 2 runner team came 20th out of  71teams.
  • The male 2 runner team came 66th out of  226 teams.
  • The male 3 runner team came 188th out of  303 teams.

Our runners did well, though there is room for improvement.

Next year, the room for improvement will again be shortened.