Enlargement and renovation of the electrical workshop

5 September, 2017

The Zeus Control electrical workshop was expanded during the first half of 2017.
The expansion has meant an increase of 200 square meters for production tasks and is the first phase of a larger project that includes both the enlargement and the renovation of the facilities.
The implementation of this project will not affect the company’s production commitments and will, consequently, not cause any delay in deliveries to customers.
In order to avoid interfering production process it was necessary to split the project into non-overlapping phases. Each phase is scheduled once the previous phase has been completed and taking into consideration the current production program.
The project will be fully finished by the end of 2018.
With this project we hope to achieve:

  • Spatial organization according to production flow.
  • More room for production process.
  • Improved component storage.
  • Improved equipment for mechanical work, assembly and wiring of electrical panels.
  • Better facilities for Factory Acceptance Tests with customers.