Indra in Morocco

2 December, 2013
9. Con Indra en Marruecos 3

More than one year has passed since we started the first project for Indra. It was in Morocco in September 2012, modernizing and standardizing control systems in ten Moroccan hydroelectric power plants.

This project is of special importance to Zeus Control due to:

  • First important project for Indra, a Spanish front-line company.
  • Morocco  is an appealing country, full of business opportunities in our sector.
  • Hydroelectric power plants increase our knowledge in energy transformation.

Iván López, Zeus Control Energy Manager, took the initial steps in this project at the end of 2012. Once the basic work platform was set-up, Raúl Rodríguez took over as engineer-in-chief. Raúl has spent a good part of 2013 in Casablanca and also visiting several Moroccan hydroelectric power plants. His work has been outstanding, having formed and trained, in such a short period, a team of Moroccan technicians that will be essential for the completion of the project during 2014.

Hopefully in one year this project will be in the final phase.