The capabilities of the company in the implementation of industrial process automation projects are:



Technicians working in Zeus Control offices.

Technicians working in Zeus Control offices.

The main asset of Zeus Control for successfully developing each automation project is specific knowledge and know-how. That means specialized people, organization and equipment.

Performing an automation project of an industrial process requires the following knowledge:

  • Physical sensors in industrial processes.
  • Electrical and pneumatic actuators.
  • Dynamics and control of industrial processes.
  • Supervision and operation of industrial processes.
  • Digitalized communications in control systems.
  • Electric motor controls.
  • Electric protections.

Special attention is given to these issues in the company. There is an internal training plan with yearly planning where sessions are scheduled and contents are determined.


Staff qualification.

Staff qualification.

Currently, Zeus Control staff is 42 people. It is stable with a low yearly staff turnover ratio of under 10%. Permanent employment contracts are over 90%.

The staff is highly qualified. Graduated engineers is the largest group of people.

The pie chart shows the distribution of qualifications within the company.




Liabilities distribution.

Liabilities distribution.

The economic profile of the company is as follows:

  • Share capital: ¼ million euros.
  • Equity: 600.000 euros.
  • Assets: 2,5 million euros.
  • Yearly sales: 4,5 million euros.

The distribution of liabilities is shown in the following pie chart.




Zeus Control workshop facilities.

Zeus Control workshop facilities.

Zeus Control facilities are located in calle Isabel Colbrand, 10, Madrid. Company activities are developed on a total area of 1000m2, comprising offices and workshops.

Office area is 400 m2 and is located at 136 and 154 in the Venecia building.

Workshop area is 600 m2 and is located at 29 and 30 in the Venecia building.

Having offices and workshops in the same building is very important, so that engineering and workshop activities are directly connected.

Offices and workshops are located in the outskirts of the city, with easy access for transportation. By public transport: subway, buses and light rail. By road: M-40, N-I and M-607, all adequate for freight transport.