Company activity is divided into 3 fundamental aspects:

  • SALES: Obtaining new projects.
  • PRODUCTION: Development and completion of industrial automation projects.
  • ADMINISTRATION:¬†Resource management, accounting,¬†purchasing and financial management.

Organization chart.

Organization chart.

 The SALES department is made up of sales engineers with strong technical knowledge. In all cases, they are engineers who developed projects for years.

The PRODUCTION department, the biggest, is made up of, mainly, engineers. Together with other technicians they carry out the core business of the company. This department is divided into work groups that correspond to different industries.  Technicians in each work group master general skills of automation and have specific industry process knowledge. They provide the most appropriate automation solutions. The production department has, additionally, a common group for all industries that is dedicated to the  workshop and installations.

 The ADMINISTRATIVE department consists of people who have a specialized profile in resource management, accounting, purchasing and financial management.