In the five continents

30 December, 2014
17.Mapa de Nueva Caledonia (616x410)

Zeus Control has, for the first time, provided services or undertaken projects in all five continents in 2014. Our activity has taken place mainly in Spain but also in places as remote as New Caledonia (Oceania). Zeus Control has also developed and implemented projects in Brazil, Tunisia, the Philippines, Algeria, Chile, Morocco and South Korea.

The clients with whom we work abroad are, with some exceptions, either Spanish companies or international companies based in Spain.

The scarcity of new projects in Spain in recent years has led us to jump at every opportunity of going international. It has been both necessary and truly rewarding.

The powerful window that communicates with the outside world is slightly more open for Zeus Control. Thus making us stronger and enabling us to better respond to local and global changes.

We hope to continue opening that window during the coming years and to do so we will keep working hard to provide evermore efficient services.