Integrated business management in Zeus Control

31 May, 2016
21. SAP Business One (617x409)

Zeus Control has started the implementation of SAP Business One to manage the whole company more efficiently and comprehensivily.

The process of choosing between different management systems available on the market has taken place for almost one year being a close race until the very end. SAP Business One has finally been chosen. Seidor will implement that system in Zeus Control over the coming months in order to optimize the business management.

SAP Business One will basically be implemented covering the following business functions:

Accounting and Financial Management
Logistics: Purchasing, Sales and Inventory.
Project Management
Customer Relationship Management
Human Resources

A new race starts now in order to complete the system implementation by 1st January 2017. It seems more than enough time but the information reported from companies similar to Zeus Control, which recently implemented SAP Business One, predicts hard work ahead.
Zeus Control staff will have to make an effort to adapt to the new system. The rewards will come later: full access to updated project information, especially economical.

The more informed, the easier it is to take on responsibilities.
Hard work for the rest of this year. The moment to see results will be the end of 2017.