UL mark

21 July, 2014
15. Autorización UL (616x408)

Underwriters Laboratories International has again granted Zeus Control permission for UL marking on electrical cabinets designed and built in compliance with its current standards & regulations.
Zeus Control electrical cabinets, designed and built in compliance with UL 508A, may, therefore, be labelled whenever so requested by the client.
Zeus Control was first granted permission in 2010. It has, just now, been renewed.

Zeus Control has decided to apply for UL marking permission due to an increase in the Spanish Industry exports.
UL marking is a common requirement for electrical cabinets for the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico.
The UL Mark is the most widely used certification mark in the U.S., appearing annually on more than 22000 million products.

We believe this renewed permission will contribute to expanding our client portfolio, as well as improving the services offered to customers who export.