Products & Services

Zeus Control offers the products and services required to perform an automation project.

Zeus Control engineering offices.

Zeus Control engineering offices.

The final destination of Zeus Control products and services are industrial production plants.

Industrial production plant projects vary in size and consist of a broad variety of activities. Automation is only a small, but very important part.

Zeus Control clients are:

  • Industrial production plant companies: Zeus Control implements directly the automation projects.
  • Integrators: companies that integrate Zeus Control products and services to provide a more global response to industrial production plants.

Products and services offered are:

Electrical cabinet made in Zeus Control workshop.l

Electrical cabinet made in Zeus Control workshop.

PROJECTS: Complete automation projects.

ENGINEERING: Calculations, designs, specifications, etc. Relevant documentation showing  the proposed solution for the project comprehensively.

PURCHASING: Buying the materials specified in engineering documents approved by the client.

ELECTRICAL CABINETS: Workshop staff builds the electrical and control cabinets following specific documentation previously approved for that purpose.

PROGRAMMING:  Technicians configure and program electrical and control equipment as part of the automation project.

Control equipment programming.

Control equipment programming.

TESTS: Assembled control systems are tested in Zeus Control  workshops. Installed control systems in industrial plants are also tested.

INSTALLATIONS:  Installation and interconnection of control equipment in industrial production plants.

COMMISSIONING: Customer support at commissioning of the new automated installation.

MAINTENANCE: Maintenance service after completion of automation projects in industrial production plants.