Zeus Control provides the maintenance services required by its clients.

Clients need maintenance services in the event of:

  • The control system of the production process has to be highly available. Unavailability causes¬†important losses. Unavailability must be minimized.
  • Diagnosing and repairing the control system is a¬†highly specialized task.
  • No¬†such¬†highly specialized technician can be found in the¬†facility‚Äôs staff.

Clients in such circumstances usually request a maintenance contract from the same company that implemented the control system in their production process.

Maintenance service in a refrigeration plant.

Maintenance service in a refrigeration plant.

Zeus Control maintenance services¬†keep the customers’ control equipment in good condition and provide specialized assistance in the event of unforeseen needs.

Zeus Control maintenance contracts have the following features:

  • DURATION: Contracts are renewed annually.
  • SCHEDULED VISITS:¬†One or more scheduled visits per year to¬†verify the¬†control system, and even carry out small modifications¬†desired by client.
  • UNSCHEDULED VISITS: The contract usually covers¬†unscheduled emergency visits. In the event that the client requests an emergency visit, assistance¬†will be given within an established time.
  • PHONE INQUIRIES:¬†Telephone inquiries without time limit.
  • REMOTE CONNECTION:¬†Possibility of¬†remote connection to the control system¬†to diagnose, modify or repair configuration or programming.
  • UPDATED DOCUMENTATION:¬†Current state of control equipment documentation and programs are provided.