Collaborative Robots

2 May, 2017
Robot colaborativo 615x411

Collaborative robots provide new possibilities to increase productivity in manufacturing lines. Simple and repetitive tasks, those that involve no manual difficulty but are extremely boring, will be the most likely to be transferred to collaborative robots.
They have important limitations such as the load that they can manipulate, or the movement speed, but the surprising simplicity with which they are integrated in production lines, the ability to work side-by-side with humans and the price, entail a bright future for them.
Zeus Control is working hard to introduce them in industrial production processes.
Collaborative robots features are:

  • Economically affordable for medium and small companies.
  • No physical barriers or external detectors are required to ensure safety.
  • Great connectivity with other machinery controllers allowing easy integration in production automation.
  • Configurable by personnel without special qualifications, even by production people.
  • They can easily be moved from one function to another one.
  • They have important limitations in the load that can be handled and movement speed.

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