Food & Pharmacy

Since聽2001 bringing聽electrical and control engineering solutions to food and pharmacy industry.

At聽present with sufficient聽resources and experience to efficiently implement聽different types of projects.


The department has an extensive experience in this field, with standardized work procedures, developed programming and monitoring structures using the most common聽tools in the market. Client requirements are met in each and every project using聽proven tools.聽Fast and reliable start-ups.

Liquid yeast tanks.

Liquid yeast tanks.


New or reused process machines are adapted in order to meet client requirements.聽Bottling machines, ovens, fermentation chambers, transportation machines, stepping machines, demolding machines and small automated warehouses. Zeus Control聽adapts functionality, implements online communication and the whole plant management.


Great added value by advising clients on聽selection of suitable sensors and transmitters,聽proper installation, control system configuration and聽commissioning.

Maximun efficiency can only be reached by聽proper signal treatment implementation in the control system.


In some cases聽Zeus Control proposes integrating聽robotic systems and vision equipment, a solution widely used in the Spanish market. A complete package of great value to customers comes from detailed analysis of the application, correct聽design of robot grip and, of course, safety analysis.


Zeus Control engineers integrate聽not only equipment in plant networks, but also information in databases, so as

Schematic display for operation and supervision in an ice cream factory.

Schematic display for operation and supervision in an ice cream factory.

to enable聽consultations, report and graphic production, cleaning, alarm frequency, maintenance tasks, parameters and recipes, traceability, consumption data, production indicators, etc.. The focus is on providing聽the information customers lack.

Zeus Control company considers two basic client profiles: production companies and mechanical engineering companies.


Zeus Control provides services to engineering departments of industrial production companies:

  • Senior support for maintenance / duty work.
  • Changes/updates in outdated systems.
  • Localization of critical points in plant.
  • 聽Integration of machines in information systems.
  • Advice for installations.


Zeus Control adapts to your working processes focusing on electrical and control aspects. The purpose is to let the customer concentrate on production.

The future of 聽Zeus Control Food and Phamacy department is linked to the implementation of increasingly complex projects in collaboration with clients and聽to the involvement in R & D projects that Zeus Control聽develops each year.