Zeus Control Energy department specializes in process controls of energy transformation to generate electricity.

Planta de generación de energía eléctrica de 20 MW de potencia a partir de biomasa.

20 MW Biomass Power Plant.

Most projects developed in the Energy department have involved differently fueled steam boilers.

Boilers are industrial equipment that produce steam to generate electricity and to be used within the own factory as thermal fluid. The generation of steam in a boiler is a process where there is a high interaction between variables that must be controlled: steam pressure, steam flow, steam temperature, feedwater flow, drum level, combustion chamber pressure, etc.

The value of these variables should be kept within relatively narrow margins in order to preserve continuity of process. Any unexpected interruption in steam production is a serious drawback in the whole factory. The process variables must be accurately controlled and therefore the technicians who adjust the control system settings should have a specific knowledge of this particular process.

Zeus Control Energy department is made up of a team of engineers who are specialized in control systems applied to steam boilers in industrial factories.

Boiler control projects developed by Zeus Control technicians

Combined cycle power plant in Sugres (Russia).

Combined cycle power plant in Sugres (Russia).

are diverse. Considering the type of used fuel, the developed projects are as indicated below:

  • Fuel Oil.
  • Natural gas.
  • Coal.
  • Glycerol.
  • Biomass from wood dust.
  • Cereal straw biomass.
  • Biomass from olive skin and pits.


Considering the size of the steam generating unit, the developed projects are:

  • Small shell boilers that consume fuel gas and provide up to 30 t / h of steam. The control is simple and usually done by one PLC and one touch panel for operation.
  • Watertube generators providing up to 120 t/h of steam, having higher complexity in¬†water-steam circuit, air-gas circuit, fuel preparation, fuel dosage, and fuel waste disposal.¬†¬†These cases require larger and more sophisticated control systems. One unit made of PLC + SCADA or one Distributed Control System would be appropriate. The number of considered variables in the control system could be of over one thousand in some cases.
  • Zeus Control participates in projects of large power plants for electricity generation focusing activity on plant packages control system or on main control programming.

    Facilities for CO2 capture and H2 generation in Puertollano.

    Facilities for CO2 capture and H2 generation in Puertollano.

Boilers have to meet very strict and specific safety regulations due to the combustion process that takes place within the boiler, and the elevated temperature and pressure they have to withstand.

Zeus Control deals with the specific systems used in the safety aspects of boilers. The so-called BMS (Burner Management System) is non-complex from the point of view of control, but it must be “safe”. The required safety level SIL (Safety Integrity Level) depends on the evaluation of risks associated in each particular case.

Boiler control projects do not fully occupy Zeus Control Energy department’s whole activity. Other projects include processes such as separation of CO2, H2 production or processing and storage of chemical products.