Strategic values

Every company is a living entity with its own spirit.

A company’s strategic values are the pillars of its spirit and its staff implements them. Shareholders, customers, suppliers and other partners should not be forgotten because they also contribute to the company’s strategic values.

Zeus Control’s strategic values were not all determined in the very beginning, but acquired mainly over the years by eliminating mistakes through hands-on experience.

Declaring a company’s strategic values is useful for their successful implementation. Publishing Zeus Control’s strategic values on this site will help to do so.

Zeus Control strategic values are:

QUALITY: High Quality of products and services is a strategic approach determined since the early years of the company, and is thus stated in our Quality Manual.

SAFETY: People safety is of the utmost importance.

INNOVATION: Searching for new solutions is a must, as is respecting existing ones which are the best-to-date.

ENVIRONMENT: Respect for the environment should be in everybody’s heart.  In Zeus Control it certainly is.

SOCIAL ETHICS: Strong commitment towards social ethics is a key factor to success.