Although the importance of innovation is often expressed in any business forum, there are truly few companies devoting significant resources to research and development.

Evolution of Zeus Control innovation investment.

Evolution of Zeus Control innovation investment.

Innovation is absolutely essential for any company to survive in an ever-changing environment. Innovation encompasses not only the strictly technological aspects, but also issues such as work organization and marketing.

Zeus Control firmly believes in Innovation.

The chart shows increasing investment in innovation stopped in 2009 and relaunched in 2013.

Investing in innovation is done to gain competitive advantages in the future.

Zeus Control innovations include:

OPC CLIENT DEVELOPMENT: Zeus Control applications allow communication  with most market PLCs and other control devices without specific drivers. Developed applications allow storage and graphic representation of information from PLCs.

Development scheme in OPC communications.

OPC communications development design.

POSITION IDENTIFICATION AND ROBOTIZED HANDLING:  Detects position of a moving object on a conveyor belt with variable speed, capturing it using a robotic arm to eventually place it in the storage area.

WORKBENCH: Designed to optimize performance. Zeus Control’s workbench’s advantages include:

  • Improved accessibility to drawings and documentation for cabinet manufacturing.
  • Easy-to-access, on-hand tools.
  • Easy-to-access, on-hand components.
  • Specially conceived to facilitate control cabinet inspection, testing and recording test results.

¬†DOCAL SYSTEM ADAPTATION: Zeus Control invests a significant amount of engineering¬†time in adapting Docal system to production processes: purchasing management, sales management, project development management….