Twentieth anniversary

12 September, 2017
24. Vigésimo aniversario

Zeus Control turns twenty. An excellent age to face enthusiastically an uncertain future.

Twenty years of hard work, setbacks, solutions, growth, disappointments, commitments, difficulties, advances, challenges, development and tough competition.

The comparison between the company in 1997 and the company in 2017 is equivalent to the comparison between a new born and a twenty year old. The transformation has been vigorous and has taken time.

Zeus Control started from scratch in 1997 and has been growing steadily since. Currently employing 42 people, with an annual turnover of 4,5 million euro, a stable organization and 1500 square meter production facilities. The company is dynamic, enthusiastic and with the desire to grow. Forward-looking focus is still highly important in Zeus Control. Proof of this are the internal transformative projects that are in full development: the renovation and enlargement of the electrical workshop, the departmental reorganization and the implementation of SAP in all aspects of its productive activity.
It is time to celebrate what has been accomplished and the forward-looking focus.
Happy anniversary and long life!