Visits on our revamped website

5 October, 2013
Visita a Página Web II (616x410)

Zeus Control website appeared completely renovated last 1/09/2013.

Over the years, several clients and associates have suggested an update, but it has, without a shadow of a doubt, taken too long.

It is also true that the publishing deadline was strictly met.

During the first days of September we had numerous and lengthy visits due to the excitement and eagerness of our business associates and Zeus Control stakeholders.

After the first week, visits went back to normal. In September, website figures were:

  • 460 visits.
  • 229 different users.
  • 8.3 minutes per visit on average.
  • 11.25 pages per visit on average.

We are now poised to grow. To do so the website needs finishing touches and constant updating.

We will track, monitor and analyze future website data in order to constantly improve.