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Zeus Control specialized in different industrial sectors because clients require technicians with specific production process knowledge. The sectors in which such specialization has taken place are below.

Food and Beverage

Zeus Control has a group of technicians specialized in food & beverage production processes who have developed standardized tools applicable in different production areas, such as:

  • Continuous processes: Maximizing efficiency by implementing flexible plant operation systems.
  • Line machines: Integrating control of new or reused machines such as: bottling machines, ovens, fermentation chambers, mold release machines, dosing machines, weighing machines, etc.
  • Information systems: Designing and implementing systems for the acquisition, recording and exploitation of data from production processes. Adapting different tools to each process, such as: query managers, databases, periodic or low demand reports, production charts, cleaning records, production recipes, traceability reports, etc.


The group of technicians specialized in pharmaceutical production processes has special consideration for the codes of good automated manufacturing practices that are so fundamental in this sector. Document management and record management is particularly of paramount importance. The pharmaceutical sector has to deal with great hazards to final  consumers health and this leads, imperatively, to compliance with very demanding regulations. Zeus Control develops validation documents that ensure strict compliance with pharmaceutical industry production requirements.


The group of technicians specialized in “Energy” carry out activities in energy generation control and transformation processes, such as:

  • Fossil fuel thermal power plants (coal, oil, gas).
  • Biomass plants (cereal, bark, marc, pomace, etc.)
  • Solar thermal power plants
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Nuclear power plants

Extensive experience in the control of industrial steam boilers, from small fire tube units to large water tube units, and in the design, development and programming of BMS (Burner Management System) burner control systems and the corresponding SIL (Safety Integrity Level) or PL (Performance Level) essential safety level aspects.


The group of technicians specialized in “Cement” carry out activities automating cement plants and has extensive experience in the processes that take place there, from the preparation of raw materials to clinker grinding and silage.

Most expertise has been accumulated in the grinding processes of raw materials, coal and clinker. Zeus Control has extensive experience in grinding processes carried out with vertical mills, with more sophisticated technology and greater energy efficiency, but also with a demand for greater precision regarding the control of variables. Zeus Control technicians also have extensive experience in horizontal cylinder grinding processes with technology combining qualities of simplicity, widespread use and excellent survival over time.


The group of technicians specialized in “Environment” carry out activities in the control of water resources, water purification and waste treatment. Typical projects developed by this group of technicians include “remote control” that allows local data collection, transmission and remote control of sites and infrastructures such as reservoirs, tanks, lifting plants, etc. In these projects, the information is concentrated locally and sent to the regional center, where  data is analysed and decisions are jointly made.


The group of technicians specialized in “Chemistry” carry out activities in the control of production processes of various kinds, such as the production of fertilizers, soaps, household cleaning products, insecticides, etc.

Zeus Control has developed different tools that facilitate the control of production processes, allowing greater flexibility and efficiency. Zeus Control’s experience in the processing of statistical data should also be considered as a means to control the quality of production or artificial vision systems to control the bottling, packaging and marking of products for presentation to the final consumer.


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