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Artificial vision systems

Zeus Control integrates machine vision equipment in production lines or machines by means of turnkey projects. It uses a wide variety of machine vision equipment such as matrix cameras, linear cameras, compact cameras, multi-camera equipment, infrared, and applications with robots.

A significant part of the artificial vision projects developed by Zeus Control have taken place in the world of “packaging/bottling”. Successive designs and improvements have led to a “standard equipment”, which is used regularly.

This standard equipment has the following inspection capabilities:

  • Stopper: threaded, seal, height, neck, colour and burrs.
  • Level: transparent bottles, opaque bottles, foam fluids, transparent fluids and opaque fluids.
  • Labels: contour, position, inclination, revision code, integrity, smoothing defects and back label.
  • Batch: presence, character integrity, contrast, colour, OCV, OCR and BDD comparison.
  • Bar code: decoding, presence, BDD comparison and readability quality parameterization.

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