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Supervision system for José Cabrera nuclear power plant

Supervision system for José Cabrera nuclear power plant Client: ENRESA. Period: 2010-2011. Project description: Zeus Control implemented a transportable control room where all alarms, equipment status and other signals are…

Mahou brewery bottling lines

Mahou brewery bottling lines Client: Mahou-San Miguel. Period: 2013-2014. Project description: Installation of communications network for signal acquisition in brewery bottling lines. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) calculation Zeus Control scope:…

Coal grinding plant in Doniambo

Coal grinding plant in Doniambo Client: Loesche Latinoamericana. Period: 2013-2014. Project description: grinding installation with Loesche LM27.2D vertical mil. The coal dust is used to fuel furnaces for nickel ore…

Casty ice cream production plant

Casty ice cream production plant Client: Casty. Period: 2013-2014. Project description: new ice cream production plant in Talavera La Nueva (Toledo). Process includes ingredient stock, dosage and mixing, using traceable…

José Abascal robotized parking

José Abascal robotized parking Client: Robótica & Mecanizados. PerIod: 2010-2011. Project description: robotized vehicle allocation and delivery process for 218 vehicles. The parking is located in José Abascal street, Madrid,…

Calerizas intersection remote control

Calerizas intersection remote control Client: Canal Isabel II. Period: 2008-2009. Project description: installation of 16 remote points connected by redundant fiber optic and WiFi systems. Information collected is centralized on…