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Quality control and data analysis

In some production processes measures are taken to ensure production quality. “Calidad-ZC” is a tool, developed by Zeus Control, that facilitates data collection and statistical study. The software adapts to the client’s work methodology.

The “Calidad-ZC” application has an assistant wizard that guides operators in taking samples and provides real-time information about deviations from production tolerance.

“Calidad-ZC” has interfaces that enable reading measurements directly from the instruments, therefore reducing time and errors in data acquisition. TCP and serial communication modules have been developed to access the main field buses or OPC links.

The information collected can be studied by means of a query manager that allows graphical representation, KPI calculation, exporting to a spreadsheet format, and customized reports. Data analysis applications can be run from any computer in the plant network.

The system can be conceived as a stand-alone station application and can be expanded according to the needs of the process, adding new measurement points and centralizing the information in a corporate database.