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Zeus Control has won various competitive bidding processes from the electric company Iberdrola in 2019. At the beginning of the year, Iberdrola awarded Zeus Control the project for the supply of the control cabinets for the monitoring of the Támega river dams in northern Portugal. It is a project that shall last more than two years and that will be developed considering 3 phases that correspond to the dams of Daivoes, Gouvaes and Alto Támega. Each of these dams will have various control cabinets with the function of collecting the monitoring signals from the hydraulic site and communicating them to the Iberdrola control centers. The cabinets are equipped with the most modern technologies for the acquisition, processing and communication of the signals from the dams.

Halfway through the year, Iberdrola awarded Zeus Control the construction of the speed control cabinets for its Ricobayo I (Zamora) and San Martín (Lugo) hydraulic plants. Later, Iberdrola awarded Zeus Control the construction of the electrical protection cabinet for the Valparaiso (Zamora) hydroelectric plant. Iberdrola has set a very high standard of quality for its suppliers and the award of several competitive bidding processes in 2019 shows that Zeus Control lives up to the demands of the electric company. Zeus Control’s quality system guarantees that the development of electrical projects and the construction of electrical cabinets in the workshop comply with the requirements of ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 standards. All electrical cabinets designed and built by Zeus Control bear the “CE” mark.