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The company Francisco Aragón has awarded Zeus Control a new artificial vision project for the quality control application in one of the production lines at the Molina de Segura factory.

The project is the introduction of customised artificial vision equipment designed to inspect the packaging on an air freshener production line.

The vision equipment shall have various cameras with the pertinent LEDs that will allow the image analysis necessary for the correct inspection of the packaging.

The transport equipment, which is part of the projected system, allows the packaged units to run past the artificial vision cameras for inspection.

The pneumatic equipment that ejects units that are found to be defective, and that therefore have to be separated from the rest, is also part of the projected system.

The control system of all the above components is carried out from a control panel where the specific vision electronics, the programmable robot that carries out the logical control, the transport control frequency inverters and different electrical protections are located.

The artificial inspection will focus on specific details of the stopper, the wick and the inside of the container.

Results are guaranteed.