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Zeus Control completed the electrical workshop renovation in May 2019. It was a difficult reform due to the need of not interrupting production while transforming the enclosures in phases.

Once completed the project and having tackled the first work peak in the summer of 2019, the result can be described as completely satisfactory.

The electrical workshop has a unique production itinerary. The materials enter through a single access, follow the production route through machining, assembly and wiring processes. Then on to the verification area where they are first tested internally and then tested in the client´s presence. Finally, once packed, the electrical panels finish their journey through the single exit gate.

Control of warehouses, inventories and consumables involved in production is managed from the SAP system. This enables optimization of stored stocks, access to each component at the scheduled time and place, and having the associated information immediately.

The completion of this renovation project has led to the following improvements:

  • Better organization of spaces.
  • Reduced time required per unit produced.
  • Greater component stock capacity.
  • Improvements in machining processes and equipment assembly.
  • Greater comfort in work spaces.

• Better supplier prices due to inventory control.