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Electrical installation

Zeus Control installs the control system components in industrial production plants.

Installation activities carried out are:

  • Operational and supervision equipment installation.
  • Electrical and control panel installation.
  • Instrument installation.
  • Control and power cable tray installation.
  • Control and power cable wiring.
  • Cable marking and connection.

Zeus Control also performs the tests to verify that the installation is electrically correct. The usual tests are:

  • Marking, to ensure that each conductor end is in the intended place.
  • Insulation resistance with respect to earth.
  • Continuity in safety conductors.

Electrical installations done by Zeus Control are based on the previously designed engineering documentation in order to ensure a correct installation. This engineering documentation is made up of documents such as:

  • Operational and supervision equipment installation drawings.
  • Control panel installation drawings.
  • Power panel installation drawings.
  • Instrument installation typical drawings.
  • Control equipment connection drawings.
  • Instrument and actuator connection drawings.
  • Cable list with characteristics.
  • Tray list with characteristics and intended content.
  • Tray route drawings.

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